Auto Accident Animation

These animations were created to
show the jury that the plaintiff in the
dark gray vehicle had time to come
to a stop before impacting the
tractor trailer.

This series shows one advantage of
using computer generated
animation. After setting up the scene
and motion of the vehicles, multiple
animations can be created by simply
creating multiple virtual cameras in
the scene.

The engineer's reconstruction of the
accident and the animation led to a
defense verdict in this case.
Click on
the each image
to see an animation
from each different camera view of
the accident recreation.
Auto Accident Animation
Auto Accident Animation
Auto Accident Animation
This animation is a graphical depiction looking down on our solar
system of the first 20,000 numbered minor planets (asteroids). For
the astronomically challenged, each of the gray rings is the mean
orbit for each of the first five planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
and Jupiter), with Mercury being closest to the Sun. Earth orbit is the
third ring from the center.

The animation was created using orbital element data from the
Minor Planet Center and numerous programs we wrote to perform
the calculations required to plot each asteroid position for each day
shown in the resulting visualisation.

The Minor Planet Center orbital element database used to produce
this sequence contains about five times the number shown - 99,906
numbered asteroids, excluding the objects currently holding
provisional designations.

Clicking on the image will show the  movement of the minor planets
over a 180 day period beginning January 30, 2005. WARNING: The
animation sequence is approximately 4Mb in size.
Scientific Visualization - Asteroid Orbits
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Auto Accident Reconstruction Animation
Scientific Visualization - Asteroid Orbits
Test Data Visualization
Computer Animation - Test Data Visualization
This example animation is an example of
how presenting technical data is not only
helpful, in many cases it is absolutely
essential in gaining an understanding of
what the data represents. Computer
animation provides a way to present a
tremendous amount of information in a
simple, easy to understand format.  
Click the
image to view the animation