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Kingwood, Texas
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View Our Plant Explosion Graphics
Litigation / Courtroom Graphics
These images were created for a court case involving a coal regeneration plant that caught
fire and subsequently destroyed most of the processing equipment. The images were used to
show what initially caused the fire, which by necessity included showing how the process
worked, and also showing how the fire spread.
View our Ship Accident Graphics
Litigation / Courtroom Graphics Sample
This set of graphic images was being created for use in a PowerPoint presentation for a
lawsuit involving an accident between two vessels. The project was nearing completion
when the case settled out of court.
The gallery of images on this page uses the freeware Lytebox , a Javascript application written by Markus F. Hay (http://www.dolem.com/lytebox) based
on Lokesh Dhakar's original.
Plant Explosion Graphics used in PowerPoint
Litigation / Courtroom Graphics
These images were created for another lawsuit when a processing plant caught fire and
exploded. Pixel Graphics was hired to assist with the site investigation, measure and document
the scene and ultimately to rebuild the plant using computer graphics to show what it looked like
and where certain things were located. This enabled the judge and jury to understand how the
process worked through the use of the graphics during the expert testimony.
Oilfield Accident Computer Court Graphics
Litigation / Courtroom Graphics
These digital images were produced for use in a PowerPoint presentation by a mechanical
engineer hired as an expert witness to illustrate the accident scene, how the injury occurred,
and the mechanics behind the cause of the accident.  Click on the image to see some of the
images created for the presentation used in mediation.
Please click on the images to see a graphics slide show
Brochure Artwork - Pump Cutaway
Brochure Artwork
The graphic image at the left was created for FMC Corporation for use in a product brochure.
The same computer model was used the following year to create a digital animation of the
inner workings of the pump.

Image Copyright 1997 FMC Corporation
Catalog Illustration - Steel Pipe Coupling
Catalog Illustrations
Advancements in graphics software capabilities allows us to create illustrations such as the
part depicted in most cases less than one day. Revisions by the client are no longer cause for
panic. A 3D model can be quickly modified and re-rendered to the clients specifications. These
advancements in the software lead to significantly lower cost and greater flexibility than was
possible in the past.
Trade Show / Trade Publication Poster - Glomar Explorer
This graphic illustration was created as part of a poster included in a trade magazine
and for hand out at the yearly Offshore Technology conference in Houston, Texas.
**The Glomar Explorer has an interesting history in that it was initially developed by the CIA and Howard
Hughes to covertly recover a sunken Russian submarine in 1974. For more information, see the book
"Jennifer Project" by Clyde W. Burleson.